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What is Awwgment?

Awwgment is a platform that enables users to create own business cards & other marketing collateral like flyers which when shared among consumers & scanned provide Augmented Reality Experience and such interactive virtual insights about the user which helps increase engagement. Awwgment also provides printing & delivery services of the cards which are accessible within the app.

Make Print Content Interactive

Increase User Engagement

Track Insights & Demographics

Generate More Leads


Application available for Android & iOS that allows users to create AR based marketing collateral like business cards, flyers, etc. App enables users to share digital cards, scan cards, save contact


AR based business cards created within the app that allow users to add virtual insights like portfolio, intro video and reaching out links along with the personal details which can be experienced in AR when scanned


AR based marketing collateral that can be custom designed and printed to boost your printing campaigns ROI and generate more leads. Such marketing material is more likely to increase user engagement


Track your ROI with Awwgment’s Analytics system that keeps you updated with real-time information about who’s viewing your profile, the total number of scans along with other insights and demographics.

How App Works?

Insights & Stats

Why there’s a need to empower print with digital tools 27 million business cards are printed daily, 88% of which are discarded within a week


85% of consumers prefer to shop with a business if it has custom printed materials like business cards, signs, flyers, and banners


Companies featured in print are 70% more likely to be remembered by consumers than online


Offline marketing results in 67% of all online searches in the US, with 39% of the searches result in sales.


76% of small businesses believe the ideal marketing strategy combines print and digital

Concerned about ROIs on Print Marketing Campaigns? Here's what you need!

To generate more leads and maximize your ROIs, the efforts made need to be tracked and analyzed. Awwgment helps you design your own customized AR marketing collateral making the print content interactive and increase the user engagement. The AwwApp provides you with a unique ID which is embedded on your AwwCards which can be printed, shared and scanned. You can view engagement analytics in real-time as the card scans happen.

AR is the need of the hour!

The digital marketing world is innovating at a very high pace hence overshadowing the traditional ways of print marketing. Awwgment enables you to make your print content interactive and helps you track who has viewed your marketing collaterals, how many times and from where, which enables you to tap more leads and STAY a STEP AHEAD than your competitors.

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